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OS: Linux

It is common to measure the performance of a persistent disk in terms of IOPS and throughput. There is also an another aspect that needs to be considered: the Disk Queue Length. This is the disk backlog and is the number of I/O requests that are “waiting” to be serviced because the storage array is already busy doing other work.

The Netdata Agent calculates the average backlog size of a specific disk over the last 10 minutes.

This alert is triggered in warning state when the backlog size is greater than 5000.

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IOPS- The time taken for a storage system to perform an Input/Output operation per second from start to finishconstitutes IOPS. [1]
Throughput- Data transfer speed in megabytes per second is often termed as throughput. Earlier, it was measured in Kilobytes. But now the standard has become megabytes. [1]

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