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Ability to filter overview screen and save as "View"

I would like to be able to filter the “Overview” screen charts based on a regex on the chart name, and then save the results as a “Saved View”.

My specific use case is that i would like to filter for just the “cgroup_*.cpu” charts to see just the cpu charts for all my containers running on the nodes in the room.

An alternative approach could be to be able to define a custom dashboard in a similar way perhaps - so maybe something like a “Bulk Add” based on some regex over the charts might work and be more feasible/easier to implement.

I basically want one view of all the cpu charts only from all my containers in a room.

At the moment i can scroll through the “Kubernetes” menu section or i can manually make a custom dashboard (but with waaay to much clicking involved to be realistic ).

So either ability to filter overview screen in flexible ways and save that as a dashboard or saved view of some sort or maybe ability to bulk add charts based on some regex to a custom dashboard.