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About the Monitoring & Troubleshooting with Netdata category

This is the place to discuss how you use Netdata Agent and Netdata Cloud to monitor your systems. Share best practices or ask your questions on how to better leverage the features of Netdata.

Netdata is zero-configuration and comes pre-configured with health checks for most metrics. However, you are fully able to customize those to your particular use case. We have a guide to get you started with re-configuring health checks or writing new ones.

We also have guides that will cover various common monitoring use cases. This said, Netdata supports so many different metrics out-of-the-box and integrates so well with so many different monitoring stacks and solutions that we are unlikely to cover every single possible use case you could come up with in our guides. But we definitely want to hear about it, so let us know and share your approach or ask the community a question.