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Add notification handler for

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to add a notification provider / handler for They’re growing fast in the DevOps community and have some big customers like IBM, already.

Their API is excellent too. This is the incidents API: Incidents API - Better Uptime

And they offer heartbeat monitors too, which could be cool to integrate as well: Heartbeats API - Better Uptime


Hi @binaryfire

I see Incidents API supports:

  • Creating a new incident
  • Deleting an existing incident

So how it supposed to work? We need to create incidents when an alarm state is WARN/CRIT and delete it when CLEARED?

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Yes, that’s what I was thinking. But just for WARN, not CRIT.

However I just realised I can do what I need with a custom notification (webhook) so perhaps a direct integration isn’t necessary?


@binaryfire it would be awesome if you tried to implement it yourself and make a contribution. A webhook is a good start actually.

Just create a topic on #agent-development in case you want to discuss further while you implement it. We are here to help you to become a Netdata contributor!

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