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Add timex alerts

The new timex plugin is great, but as I checked there are no alert rules for it, if no one is planning to add the alert rules I would be happy to create a PR for it

Hi @Yashar_Nesabian

That is an interesting topic!

I guess you are referring to the system.clock_sync_state metric? We were thinking about adding an alarm…but decided to not do it.

  • we were in doubt that the alarm is warn (system clock state is not synced), it more like info (unfortunately, we have no info severity :man_shrugging: ).
  • if the clock is not synced the alarm always will be in the warn state, which could be annoying for users.

But I am not 100% sure, perhaps I am wrong, so I am open to discussions.

Also, we can extend timex collector by adding more metrics, see the issue. If you can contribute to the topic, please do.

Hi @ilyam8
We had a situation below a few days ago:

  • We had a MySQL server and in its tables, almost all of them has a time column
  • We export the database to import it on another server, but since the target server’s time was not synced our application couldn’t work

So generally depending on the situation the severity of the alert can be different but when we start using netdata, some of the alerts were not tuned for specific servers and now we have a lot of health file which are optimized for our services and timex can also be one of them

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@Yashar_Nesabian thanks for the explanation, it totally makes sense to me :+1:

The alarm is added in health: add system clock synchronization state alarm by ilyam8 · Pull Request #11177 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

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