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Adding items to cloud dashboards

I have some feedback on the new cloud dashboards.
Firstly, great work from the team on this. It’s immensely appreciated and used by me!

1a. It would be very helpful to have a way to select multiple nodes for a metric; ideally, allowing a partial string match against hostnames e.g. I search for “windows-host*” which returns all nodes whose name starts with the string “windows-host”.

1b. The same might be equally useful for the Metric field, e.g. imagine how many metrics I have to add individually to populate all the network interfaces on a switch being picked up using the SNMP module.

1c. Connected with the above 2 points; I don’t seem able to copy and paste into the fields :grin:

  1. Allow selecting nodes by tags (even if it’s just the system/agent auto-generated ones). This would allow us to generate the dashboards dynamically.
    e.g. I could tag anything that’s got an architecture of “arm64”, or location of “London”

I am not sure if we have seen this @netdata-product .

Thanks @Luis_Johnstone for the feedback ( and sorry for taking so long to reply back!)

@Luis_Johnstone Thx a lot for the great feedback

  1. Thx, great idea! I added your request to our backlog, it’s not super high but we will do it at some point. Soon you will be able to add a composite chart and this will let you see metrics from multiple nodes in a dashboard

  2. Can you please elaborate a little bit

  3. I think you can paste but not copy. Isn’t this the case?

  4. We will soon start using extensively host labels. You can already add host labels in the agent and then you will be able to filter accordingly in Cloud after some months.

Thanks again!