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Additional Chart/ Metric Displays

One thing that I feel is missing from cloud dashboard is the ability to have different charts for displaying the various data points. I really like the nodes page that shows core metrics about all of my nodes (Although I would love to be able to toggle the charts to range from say 0-100 for the cpu instead of only showing a partial y-axis range), but sometimes I wish that I could make my own dashboard to essentially just show me a “live” look at my servers using gauges more closely resembling the one’s on the node’s " System Overview". Basically just more variety than the same chart over and over and allows me to condense the data on they dashboard.

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That’s actually a great idea. Just to re-iterate, you would like to have a wider range of options to visualize data on the Dashboards, correct?

Pinging @netdata-product who may have additional questions!

@TurkeyDev thanks for using Netdata! We intend to bring more chart controls and configuration options so you can customize your dashboards accordingly. We will add composite charts in the dashboards and you will be able to group by node and see how the nodes in the War Room perform for a single metric or an aggregation of metrics in one chart.

Correct, more visualization options!

Sweet! Glad to hear these plans!

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