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AWS ECS Fargate support

Hi Everyone,

We use netdata heavily for AWS EC2 server and RDS mysql db monitoring (screen shot below). In order to improve scaleability, we’re exploring moving applications to AWS’ ECS Fargate service running docker containers. I came across this issue ticket on Github on the topic, and it suggested opening a feature request if interested … so here I go :).

Is this already possible? If not, I’d be happy to support any testing if that helps - lmk, thx.

oh nice dashboard :slight_smile:

(afraid that’s all i can contribute here as not an expert on the collectors side of things but sure does look like an interesting ticket with decent support).

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That’s an awesome dashboard indeed!

Thanks :smile: . It’s a pretty simple setup actually (using single PHP file) and you’re welcome to download it and adopt it to your needs. You can find it on our website (resource section):

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