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Client version metric

Hi, I can’t see a way (out of the box) to create a cloud UI dashboard containing Netdata agent versions (correct me if I’m wrong!).

Use case:

I have had recent issues with auto-updating of my agents but have to login to each host or view the console to check the versions. Obviously, I could use some other tool to try to pull back this information but it seems silly that Netdata does not make this information available.

Similarly, if I was manually updating agents then I’d want some definitive way of checking agent versions for large numbers of agents (you never can fully trust automated deployments).

Since the API exposes this information I can’t imagine there’d be too much work in adding this metric to the cloud :smiley:
It’d at least need to be in the cloud UI an, ideally, thereafter also in the local agent UI.

This is interesting, though I’m not sure a metric is the answer. Would a plain list of the nodes in a room with columns for the various parameters one can see in /api/v1/info and ability to sort/filter on any of those params cover your need? The version is just one of those parameters.

Yes, I think that would do fine for me, personally :slight_smile:

However, as a separate requirement, I can imagine that in a large environment I’d ideally want see the historical changes:

  1. This is very useful when rolling out new versions to see how the deployment method itself is behaving
  2. If there is aberrant behaviour or alerts it could be due to the agent having been upgraded (for example, at agent startup it used to be common to get warnings about TCP connections per second exceeded and so this would happen at each reboot but, crucially at upgrade due to the service restart).

Makes sense. So, @ilyam8 do you think it makes sense to add a collector with a chart under the netdata menu, to show the version the agent is running on? Or would it make more sense for the version change be an “event” that we can then overlay on top of any chart?

The more I think about this, the more it sounds like a chart that would only be available by looking at data in the cloud itself. Another similar chart could show the reachability of nodes. It’s something we haven’t discussed before, but it sounds like it could be an interesting capability to build.

(writing at night :sleeping: )

I can’t image the chart with the netdata version. What’s the metric (version) value? And how we track the changes… If only we could represent semver as an int value. But there is unlikely a bulletproof way to do it (taking into account the stuff after major minor patch).

That is an example of the version string.


Just came across and the chart looks nice Please don't upgrade docker without asking first · Issue #183 · docker/roadmap · GitHub