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Cloud-dashboard metadata for design, cloning and copying between spaces

Could be great if dashboards metadata (as text/json/markdown) were exportable and importable. That way they can be moved between spaces, used to clone dashboards or designed/redesigned offline.

Environments with many servers / systems / devices will require many dashboards with key stats, it is not practical to create a large number of dashboards or add charts/text to them now. It’s simple to do… but not at scale.

If we could access the dashboard layout in a format that is editable, then we can create what we need offline and import it. Or create one as a template, then modify for 100s of servers etc, then re-import.

The dashboard import process should support multiple dashboards in one document or allow multiple documents to be import at the same time.

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Hey @baitnetdata,

Thanks for this great feedback. I have moved this topic to #feature-requests:cloud-fr so that you and other users can vote on it.

You can be certain that we will take a look at this feedback and come back if we want more information or we have some idea on a tentative timeline and prioritization.

Please do keep the feedback and ideas flowing. You help us make this better for everyone.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve included it as a roadmap candidate for our 2021 roadmap planning.