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Cloud node reclaim or autoremove

This topic for - How to delete Claimed Nodes? · Issue #9002 · netdata/netdata · GitHub
In short, if someone have dynamic infra, like we have, it’s taking some time daily to remove manually dead instances from UI.
It’s would be grate to have auto-remove option (let’s say in 4h) or some API/CLI/Url to remove this nodes.
As currently i created jenkins job that use google cookie, to :slight_smile:

  1. request nodes:{SPACE}/rooms/{room}/nodes
  2. Find dead in response json
  3. delete node:{ND_SPACE}/rooms/{room}/claimed-nodes?node_ids={node_id}

It’s would be really nice to have this feautre.

@arpogo thx for reaching out. We plan to offer unclaiming both via the console and the Cloud GUI. The auto-remove idea will be considered as an option.

Prior to this we will ship the child-parent support on Netdata Cloud and if you have claimed a parent you will be able to see charts about their childs even if they are “dead”. It’s important that we will provide the capability to do troubleshooting on nodes that are not yet active.

Please give us a couple of months :slight_smile: and stay tuned!

Did couple of months past ?
Still no api/cli option to remove dead hosts…

We already have toooons of dead hosts in list of claimed and it’s not logical to store that list of dead host forever. Am i only one person using Netdata for dynamic infrastructure ??

Same thing here. We have to clean dead nodes everyday which doesn’t makes sense. Waiting for any API endpoint to remove dead nodes or autoremove offline ones.