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Custom headers in email notifications

Could you please add some custom headers to the email alerts in order to make it easier to filter them into different folders? For example, for this alert:

You could add these headers:

X-Netdata-Severity: warning
X-Netdata-Alert-Name: inbound_packets_dropped
X-Netdata-Chart: net_drops.eth0
X-Netdata-Family: eth0
X-Netdata-Role: sysadmin

Which would allow me to send emails with X-Netdata-Severity: warning into a different folder than X-Netdata-Severity: critical for example, without having to configure anything in Netdata itself (would just need to configure Sieve filters on my email server)

I know I can try match based on subject, but that’s more flaky (eg if you change the subject format one day, all the filters based on subject would break)


That is Netdata Cloud email, am i correct? (i moved the topic to the appropriate category).