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Displaying Server IP Address on Netdata Cloud

Hi Guys,

In the case of war room hosting multiple servers, it sometimes become challenging for users to differentiate servers by node name.

Is there a plan to display server IPv4 address on the cloud console? I bet it would benefit most of users.

Kind Regards,

Hey @dongdong-zheng,

We can’t provide any concrete timeline yet. We are working towards providing a public roadmap that will be updated live, so please do bear with us.

We are super happy that you are enjoying Netdata. Please do keep the feedback going, every comment counts towards building the product that our users want. You can be certain that your feedback thus far has been seriously taken into consideration in internal chats :slight_smile:


Hi @Manos-Saratsis, could you please advise of approx timeline for displaying server IP Address on Cloud dashboard? Understood it could be shown as part of tooltip, but anyhow getting that information will be very handy.

I have so far added about 50 servers on my cloud console, so easily search and identify a specific server becomes slightly challenging. As a workaround, I have changed hostname for some machines, but maintaining a separate hostname->IP mapping document just feels clumsy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eagerly looking forward to see IP address, tagging/labelling can become available as soon as practical.


@Dongdong-Zheng you may want to dig into the subject of collectors in order to get a feel of how you may get services shown in Netdata Cloud. Several services & applications are auto-discovered, so whenever you install them in a server that is in cloud, a restart of the netdata service will result in the service being shown in cloud (eg: you may try with an Apache server, squid or MemCached). In other cases, you might need some extra configuration of the collector, for which you 'll find support in the rich documentation. Hope you enjoy it!

@Manos-Saratsis, Thank you for your reply. Can you please enlighten me a bit more on how “service” is defined on Cloud so I can try it out? Sorry that don’t know whether I can post screenshot here, but at the moment cloud says “No Services” on top of my list servers. I’m assuming I need to manually edit somewhere to associate service to each of my servers?

@Dongdong-Zheng at the moment you can group nodes by Service or Alarm status

Morning @dim08, @Manos-Saratsis,

I have added two handful of servers to my cloud console, so I might be able to share a bit more feedback in the coming days.

At first glance, it seems that all the nodes are sorted by ‘node name’ in war room. It would be handy if cloud allows users to sort nodes by other contexts (e.g. CPU, RAM, DISK, TRAFFIC…)

At the moment, context ‘’ displays traffic through all network interfaces. In my case, I typically have 3 to 5 interfaces but I only care about one or two of them. Is it possible to allow users to have some level of flexibility of choosing which interface to be shown in war room (assuming net.eth0, net.eth1, etc)?


@dim08, thank you for your kind invite. I’m happy to be part of your early test initiatives. I hope you won’t mind if I have to concede that I am not very tech savvy so my feedbacks will probably be at kindof dummy -user level. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, for the ‘showing node ip address’ and ‘adding node alias’, are you aware of any possible timelines that we can reasonably expect?

@Dongdong-Zheng thank you for your feedback. One more question please, will you be willing to participate in an early beta test for this feature sometime in the future?

@Manos-Saratsis @dim08, Thank you for your prompt reply. Assigning alias sounds a good workaround. I actually have been thinking of having an editable “note” or “tag” field for each node will help.

In the case of having one hundred nodes under one war room, it would be very important for users to be able to quickly identify a server by the terminologies in his/her own world.

Just my 2 cents

@Dongdong-Zheng thank you for your feedback. Would assigning an alias to a node name work for you, instead of changing the actual node name ?

@Dongdong-Zheng it’s a valid comment. We will work on this, part of our plan is to show Network Interface and Disk information on the node tooltip.

Hey @Dongdong-zheng,

Thank you for the suggestions! I will be tagging our product team so that they can take a look @dimitrism @Manos-Saratsis ! The feedback that you provide is more than valuable.

It would be great if you could share more your use-case . The more information we have, the better we can understand your point-of-view and make the propper additions to our roadmap.

Please, do continue sharing any thoughts that you deem valuable.


Hi @OdysLam,

On a second thought, it would be useful if Cloud allows users to change their node name so that it doesn’t have to be the dictated by the machine hostname.

Your thoughts?

Thank you for your prompt reply and warm welcome message. Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I now have a few dozen servers running for my android app. The naming of those machines unfortunately have not followed any normalized structure. Once I have claimed a few of them on Netdata Cloud, I quickly realized that I would lose mapping of the node names back to the server instances.

If possible, displaying IPv4 address of each node would be handy for me.

Apprecite it if you and team can consider adding that info to your great product.

Happy Building!


I just observed that this is your first post. Welcome to our fam <3 . If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to create a post or better yet help another user out by replying in a thread.

Happy monitoring!

That’s a very interesting idea, thank you!

Internal GH issue:

We might come back here to ask more questions about it. If you want, we would love to hear more about your use-case (# of nodes, etc.)