Does net data prevent drive (HDD) from standby

Hello, I just wanted to install netdata but I want to be sure before installing on Proxmox whether this Respect disk standby status · Issue #4107 · netdata/netdata · GitHub issue is solved. I have my backup drive in standby which is woke up 1 per week for backup. I had many issues with many apps which prevented the drive from standby.

Does netdata respects the standby and fetches smart only when the drive is spinning please?

Hi, @Lipown. Netdata collects mount points statistics (space/inode usage) using statvfs() call. It does that for

I am not a specialist and don’t know how standby mode work, so can’t really answer your question. Just try and see, if there is a problem you can exclude mountpoints using “exclude space metrics on paths” config option.

Thank you for your reply. I actually want to monitor standby/spinning state of the drives so exlucing is not possible.