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Easier config for disabling alarms

Right now we have to use the ./edit-config script to edit alarms. This is fine, but I see a few issues with it:

  1. The file is quite long
  2. If you ever add any new alarms or make any bug fixes to the version distributed with Netdata (eg. health/mysql: fix `mysql.slave_status` alarm for go mysql collector by ilyam8 · Pull Request #10513 · netdata/netdata · GitHub), I’d have to manually pull that fix into my copy of the file

I’d like to instead see a way to override individual properties of an alarm, without having to make a copy of the entire configuration file. These overrides would be applied on top of the regular config shipped with Netdata. For example, to silence the 10min_cpu_usage alarm, you could have a config that only contains something like this:

  to: silent

This would result in a small config file only containing my manual overrides and nothing else.

What do you think?

Thanks @Daniel for this feedback.

We are aware that alarm configuration (and in general configuration) is a pain point that users currently have. We are working on improving this whole area of Netdata.

Perhaps the @netdata-product could shed some additional light. We are also actively engaging with users to better understand their needs, so you message is super useful to us!


What I’d love to see as a future enhancement is a button to silence the alarm in the Netdata UI itself, and a link to do so in the notification emails. It could persist the setting to the config file, same as if you manually edited the config.



Thanks for that. This is actually a feature that has been requested multiple times, so we have taken notice. Incident management is top of mind for our product team. Rest assured!

Please, do keep the feedback coming. If you have any other idea, we would love to discuss and hear your thoughts.

Cheers :slight_smile:

@Daniel Thanks for using Netdata. We are working on alarms and silencing an alarm from the GUI will be implemented.