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Handle CaddyServer as webserver for monitoring

Hello !

Just an idea, maybe it is possible to create a plugin to monitore CaddyServer as web server ? To get the same data as we can get form Apache or Nginx : requests/s, connections, bandwith, workers, requests/s, KiB/s, …
The number of people using CaddyServer as web server is growing a lot, so I think it can be an interesting plugin.

For example, here is what we can get with Apache : Apache monitoring with Netdata | Learn Netdata
A presentation and the documentation of CaddyServer :

Thanks by advance for the answer :slight_smile:

Hey! Actually, it is possible to monitor Caddy using Netdata, thanks to our Prometheus endpoint collector.

You only need to add the following line to your configuration file for the collector:

  - name: caddy_local
    url: 'http://localhost:2019/metrics'

You can modify the charts from the configuration file. For example, you might be interested in grouping a few charts together.

If you do group metrics together and customize how the metrics are presented, please do ping me here. I will help you to make a PR in our repository, so that every user who uses netdata with Caddy, uses your custom configuration to see the metrics. It will be awesome (+ we send swag to all new contributors :innocent: )

BTW, I made a PR to add it to the default config: