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Journald log collector

Following from Get logs from systemd-journald · Issue #1999 · netdata/netdata · GitHub.

At my coop we use journal logging for our entire container infra because it is convenient for local logging with a handy CLI and persistent logging after containers go away. Sometimes, the docker daemon starts spitting errors and it would be great if netdata could pick that up also from that log.

For example, I can see the entire daemon and all container logs with journalctl -fu docker and I’d like if netdata could suck that in and pick up errors and alert from there. That would be super useful.

What needs to be done to get this feature through? Is anyone else looking for journal logging? Could I try to move forward on the Python class provided in that ticket? I could take a stab at that.

Thanks for all the good work so far.

To add on to this, we use journald to log nginx access logs. So we don’t have a file to point the web data collector to.

It would be nice if there was some generic way for these collectors to work with journald.

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