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Make agent CLI pipe configurable

Currently, the agent CLI pipe is hardcoded to /tmp/netdata-ipc. However, if you want to make the process a little more secure by giving it a private /tmp via systemd, netdatacli can no longer communicate with it. On NixOS, such sockets are generally under /run.

So I’d like to request that the socket path be configurable, even if it’s just at compile time, so that any other programs that would want to communicate with the netdata know that the socket path is not fixed.

We’ve had an open issue regarding the problems with having the pipe in /tmp for a while now Improve handling of the named pipe used by `netdatacli`. · Issue #7587 · netdata/netdata · GitHub, but nobody who has the expertise to handle this has had the time to work on it, and we seem to have a strange aversion to letting the agent create any directories it needs on startup that should be owned by the user it’s running as (which is required to make this behave sanely under /run).

Configurability would obviously be preferred though to just changing how we have the path hard-coded, though, but even if we go that way the default should not be under /tmp.

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Thanks, I took the conversation there.

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