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Metrics count in cloud UI

Feature request: Expose the metrics count in the cloud UI.

Hey @crafter2345,

Thanks for sharing this. Why do you want to see the metrics on the cloud?

Because it is useful to see how many metrics get saved and not only on the own webpage. Why not showing it is the question :smiley:

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Hey @crafter2345 thanks for your suggestion. I am thinking out loud: One possible way would be to show the number of metrics in the right bar above the list of metrics. Is it anywhere else you imagined this feature?

Probably on the same locations like on own website. But for me would that at the top enough.

I think making it available on the nodes table as just another metric could be useful too.

So if someone wants it they can just add it there, so not displayed by default but available to anyone who wants it.

@Manos_Saratsis howdy - would this be a good candidate for the fast-track epic?

@andrewm4894 Not sure if it is for the fast-track but yes it makes sense and we can discuss about the position, could be on the nodes table but definitely on the single node view

@crafter2345 thx for sharing your thoughts