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Monitor/Graph multiple tcp/udp ports separately

Hi all,

First post.

I have some servers that I need to monitor traffic levels for individual tcp and udp ports, and present as a graph for the admins to visually check. I have tried the regular Quality of Service right menu with tc/fireqos, and while that gets the information out, the graphing is not really what is needed due to the differing levels of traffic (1kbps for most traffic, but a few with 1Mbit or more), and the sheer number of ports.

It would be nice to have a graph per port, with a 24 hour average line plotted. Some kind of alerting for those whose traffic drops to zero over a configurable timeout (I’m thinking 10 to 30 seconds, but …) would be of great help as well.

Please note that this is not a physical port I’m mentioning above, but tcp or udp ports. I expect to define between 20 to 50 ports per server.

Suggestions please.

Thank you,
–David Olsen

Hello @DMOX ,

Thank you for your suggestions, Netdata is planning to bring Network Viewer with future versions, our initial intention is to bring charts like this:


using ebpf.plugin, but we are open for suggestions.

Best regards!

@DMOX thx for your feedback, we will come back

Sorry, forgot to mention that this is in a stand-alone configuration, not NetData Cloud.