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More type of items for cloud dashboards


Cloud dashboards are very nice but I feel the feature is lacking all kinds of indicators such as the gauges already present in the single node’s system overview

Having similar stuff in dashboards would be nice: imagine a row of CPU indicators from all of your nodes showing current CPU utilization in %.

For example, I’d love to be able to have boolean indicators (is the node connected right now?) and all kinds of similar objects.

Hey @Fieel,

Thanks for this feature request. Pinging our @netdata-product team and we will circle back if we need more info !

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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@Fieel thx for sharing your idea. We are thinking to add more types in a Netdata custom dashboard. I am glad that you find value in adding gauges, we will be gradually adding more and more components in custom dashboards

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Thanks a lot! I’m excited to see how the product evolves :smiley: