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NetData collector for ScyllaDB

Dear Friends,

Would you consider implement a default data collector for scylladb [1]?
Theoretically, enabling cassandra support would also bring scylladb support


Thank You so muc/Kind Regards,
Geraldo Netto

Hi, @geraldo-netto

@geraldo-netto if you don’t mind my request is to update OP with some details about how you use scylladb/on what scale so we better understand the importance for you (simple example: a home lab vs production with over9k servers).

I see that Scylla has prometheus API since v1.4 (since 2016).

It means that you can use prometheus collector. Yeah, it is generic and you have no default alarms using it, but that is the only thing we have to offer today.

I checked scylla Grafana dashboards on GitHub and it made me :sweat_smile:
It seems there are some changes in every version (new version → new dashboard).