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Please add support to collect redis aof file size

In info all there is a metric call aof_current_size which shows the size of aof file, and I hope that netdata can track it, please add support, thanks.

Thanks for the feedback!

I would love to hear more about your use case. Where are you using Redis?

In my local server, I want to figure out what aof setting is good

Yes, we don’t collect any AOF (Append Only File) metrics.

From Redis docs

If AOF is activated, these additional fields will be added:
  • aof_current_size : AOF current file size
  • aof_base_size : AOF file size on latest startup or rewrite
  • aof_pending_rewrite: Flag indicating an AOF rewrite operation will be scheduled once the ongoing RDB save is complete.
  • aof_buffer_length: Size of the AOF buffer
  • aof_rewrite_buffer_length : Size of the AOF rewrite buffer
  • aof_pending_bio_fsync : Number of fsync pending jobs in background I/O queue
  • aof_delayed_fsync : Delayed fsync counter

@AnnAngela you are saying that you are interested only in aof_current_size?

More or less, yes. But if you can add aof_base_size that must be better.

Ok, I read Redis persistence topic (not a Redis specialist) and I agree with the request, it makes total sense to collect the aof_current_size metric.

@OdysLam the use case is clear. AOF is one of the Redis persistence options.

The AOF persistence logs every write operation received by the server, that will be played again at server startup, reconstructing the original dataset. Commands are logged using the same format as the Redis protocol itself, in an append-only fashion. Redis is able to rewrite the log in the background when it gets too big.

Redis is able to rewrite the log in the background when it gets too big.

And that’s why I hope that netdata agent can collect such metric. I want to know how frequently the background rewrite action taken but I dont want to monitor it manually all the day.

This PR adds AOF file size chart.

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH! After pr merged, I will build the plugin later and try it

The PR is merged, @AnnAngela there you go!

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Confirmed that the persistence aof chart has been added and work fine, thank you!