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Publish Docker images on GHCR

With Docker Hub’s recent addition of pull limits, it would be nice if Docker images were mirrored on GitHub Container Registry, which doesn’t have any limits (for now at least).

Interesting idea. Pinging @Austin_Hemmelgarn to share his view.

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I think you need to authenticate to read even publicly available packages, which sounds like a limit to me.

I tried it back then and stopped using exaclty because of that. Unfortunately, it seems it is still hard requirement.

GitHub Package Registry isn’t the same as GitHub Container Registry (GHCR) :stuck_out_tongue:

And authentication isn’t required to pull the images!

Key differences between GitHub Container Registry and the Docker package registry

Note: GitHub Container Registry is currently in public beta and subject to change. During the beta, storage and bandwidth are free. To use GitHub Container Registry, you must enable the feature preview. For more information, see “About GitHub Container Registry” and “Enabling improved container support.”

The GitHub Container Registry supersedes the existing Packages Docker registry and is optimized to support some of the unique needs of containers.

With the container registry you can:

  • Store container images within your organization and user account, rather than a repository.
  • Set fine-grained permissions and visibility independent of repository permissions and visibility.
  • Access public container images anonymously.

Indeed! Thx @TheCatLady

Still it is in public beta.

GitHub Container Registry is currently in public beta and subject to change. During the beta, storage and bandwidth are free

During the beta, storage and bandwidth are free.

^^ I bet something is going to get changed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeah probably. But it’d be nice to have the images pushed to GHCR as well, and then users can decide which repo to pull from :slight_smile:

I agree with it. The problem i have in mind - easy to do, hard to undo. We could push our images there and announce it, then the feature is out of beta and GitHub changes its policies - free => non-free :frowning_face:

Being on the safe side is better - lets wait and see its pricing/limits!

I agree with @ilyam8 on this, we really should see how things change when the beta phase ends.

Assuming we decide to publish to GHCR though (we’re already tentatively planning on publishing to AWS ECRP alongside DockerHub by the way), it should be trivially to actually start doing so with the recent changes that were made to how we handle building and publishing Docker images.

So I looked into this some more, and it looks like as long as the packages are public, it will continue to be free after the beta!

I really hope the Netdata team will consider publishing images to GHCR. All that needs to be added to the current GitHub workflow is new image tags prefixed with, as well as a new docker/login-action for GHCR (just like the one for Docker Hub).

About billing for GitHub Container Registry

During the GitHub Container Registry beta, both the new container registry and existing GitHub Packages Docker registry will be free. For more information about the GitHub Packages Docker registry, see “Configuring Docker for use with GitHub Packages.”
After the beta, the same billing and storage rates that other GitHub Packages registries use will apply to the container registry. For more information, see “About billing for GitHub Packages.”

About billing for GitHub Packages

GitHub Packages usage is free for public packages. For private packages, each GitHub account receives a certain amount of free storage and data transfer, depending on the product used with the account. Any usage beyond the included amounts is controlled by spending limits.

So, any chance of publishing GHCR images? :slight_smile:

Alternatively, it appears that Docker Hub waives pull limits for approved open-source projects: Expanded Support for Open Source Software Projects - Docker Blog

Just requires the completion of a short application! I’m aware of another project which has been approved for this, and all of their images are now exempt from the new pull limits.