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Refining systemd view and filtering

One of the features I love in netdata is the systemd service monitoring views. It’s incredibly simple and almost really effective :slight_smile:

I’m having difficulty making it work well for the use case of comparing the utilization of two different services (e.g. netdata and collectd).

Because each graph is filtered independently I have to select the same two services out of the list for each one, which is a lot of clicks.

What breaks it, though, is that when I scroll down the section if the top graph disappears from view, when I scroll to view it again it has reset and I have to select the services again, which makes it pretty much unusable for comparing services across multiple metrics.

I think the whole section would be a lot more useful if there were a way to select services for all of the metrics in the section and to stop them from resettting automatically.

Hi @alasdairmuckart ,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and really glad you enjoy our systemd service monitoring views :grin:

Regarding the issue that you mention about the reset of filtering, do you mean that if you filter Chart A with a specific service - select the dimension you want to see displayed - and then go to Chart Z, that puts Chart A out of viewport, and you filter for another service when you go back to Chart A, scrolling up, the Chart A filter is reset?
If so this is a bug, because scrolling up & down should not interfere with chart configurations/filtering applied.

I was trying to reproduce and couldn’t, could provide the detailed steps of your case and/or a video/gif displaying that?

One other suggestion, which I’m not sure you’ve tried, is using our Custom Dashboards where you can build a specific dashboard just focused on those two services that you want to compare and use that for your troubleshooting session

A request, can you also please expand on the almost really effective?


Hi Hugo, thanks for your response.

Yes, it’s exactly that. I filter a chart, scroll the page, and when I scroll back to the chart I’ve filtered is has reset.

I hope this link shows what I mean: Netdata graphs resetting on scroll - Album on Imgur

What I mean by almost really effective is just that there’s this behaviour that breaks one of the common use cases we have for it, and the filtering is harder than it needs to be :slight_smile:

The home-grown graphing system I’m looking to replace with netdata has an extremely useful UI feature netdata is missing. It has an input box for filtering the graphs based on title that takes a regex.

A custom dashboard would probably work but this is more an example of how we check and debug arbitrary things rather than specific metrics that are worth building a dashboard for.

It’s great for things like “all graphs for eth0” (select a host and put ‘eth0’ in the filter box); or “errors on all interfaces” (select a host, put ‘Interface error’ in the filter box) etc.

It is much faster than click-selecting things. I’m not sure if it can be implemented using custom dashboards but that’s on the list to figure out.

The filters also persist independently of host selection so you can filter for a certain thing and then flip between different hosts and the filter string gets put in the URL so you can send the URL to someone in a message and they’ll see the same view.

The other thing we use a lot in that system is every graph has two buttons: ‘Just this graph’ and ‘Save as png’. Both do what it says on the tin. ‘Just this graph’ actually applies a filter that matches the specific graph; and ‘Save as png’ saves a file named for the host and graph you’re viewing which is really handy for sharing snapshots in time with people via email or putting into reports etc. without having to mess about cropping screenshots.

Thanks again for the great system, I am really liking netdata.

In case it’s useful, the chart size doesn’t reset, just the filters.

Hi @alasdairmuckart ,

Thanks a lot for the video and thorough explanation.

When I first read this I thought you were referring to filtering of Composite charts on Netdata Cloud, the video makes it total clear the filtering you’re mentioning it is based on the dimension legend selection.

This is a feature that we haven’t implemented on the Agent yet but available on Charts 2.0 and it is identified and in our roadmap to bring to the Agent (edited for accuracy) .
What is not fully available is the configuration of dimension selection on Cloud Custom Dashboards when the chart is for a specific Node, which we will plan to tackle.

Again thanks for all the feedback and sharing some of your pain-points, it is with these kind of inputs that we can make the product better for all :slight_smile:


Another use case I thought of just now while doing it in my current graphing system is filtering to put arbitrary graphs next to each other on the page.

Say I want to look at the influence of load on temperature to see if there’s a correlation or if I need to be looking at external environmental factors I can regex filter nodes to get the ones in that room and or regex filter to get those specific graphs on the node(s) I care about, and see them right next to each other without having to scroll through (and render!) all the other graphs on the page or have multiple windows open.

Hi @alasdairmuckart ,

Again thanks for sharing more use cases, this one that you described will be supported by a search bar we are aiming to introduce over the Table of Contents and improving the way can quickly wrap-up a couple of charts in a custom dashboard.

Stay tuned and once these are out let us know what you think :slight_smile: