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Render fping graphs like smokeping

I’ve been starting to set up a network of netdata instances, and I’m finding it generally excellent so far.

Something I’d really like to see is the fping responses graphed the way smokeping does, explanation here:

This view collapses what are 3 different graphs in netdata down to one graph which if you’ve got a lot of targets or a complicated network of targets is really useful.

The other thing smokeping can do that I haven’t seen netdata able to do is a single graph for a target containing the latency measurements from multiple different endpoints, so you can have a single graph with, e.g. a London server on it and have that graph show the latency from New York, LA, Auckland and Sydney in a single view.

The data to do this is all there, it’s “just” a case of how it’s rendered.

Hi @alasdairmuckart ,

Thanks you for providing this feedback, we will definitely take these suggestions for consideration.
For now I’ve added them to our backlog.

Will share some news when we pick this up.