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Sort/Filter nodes by host labels

This is a feature request and hope its the right place to provide it.
It would be ideal if hosts in netdata cloud would show host labels and have the ability to filter based on labels specified (like tags).
This would also be great for dynamically adding hosts to dashboards by having a filter on a specific label and any matching hosts would show in the graphs (like overview dashboards)

Thanks @sharboc_cninc for the use-case. I have relayed this information back to the product team and it’s super-valuable to us. (I actually pinged @manos-saratsis).

Please, do stay active in the community and jump into any thread that you seem interesting enough.


@OdysLam As for use case, I’ll provide a brief example below.

We use AutoScaling Groups (ASG) in AWS and instances are created and removed automatically (without user intervention). All of the instances contain “AWS tags” which we would convert to “host labels” in netdata.

Similar to how AWS CloudWatch “Resource Groups” work if a dashboard or overview in netdata had a specific “host labels” selected (example “Name:web”, “Environment:production”) we could filter what hosts appear in a dashboard or overview dynamically without selecting instances by hostname.

If you look at filtering CloudWatch graphs for specific tags, thats along the same lines of what I was looking for.

@shrabok_cninc we intent to add host labels soon probably within January 2021. Thanks for your patience.

Another mention for labels @Manos-Saratsis.

Thanks @shrabok_cninc for this feature request, it’s something that we are considering, so your mention helps us prioritize it.

It would immensely help us to understand more about your use-case and how you use netdata on production.

Cheers :slight_smile: