We are looking for contributors!

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    If you always wanted to contribute to Netdata, but code isn’t your strong suit, you are in luck today!

    We are looking for contributors who would be interested in editing our Wikipedia Page and enriching it with more up to date information!

    If you are interested, simply leave a reply here and we can chat more on what information we would like to showcase.

    This is a crucial contribution for us (perhaps even more than code), as firstly we can’t do it ourselves due to how Wikipedia works and secondly because you are actively helping all those who want to learn about netdata.

    As a small token of gratitude, here is a puppy 🙂


  • I’d be happy to assist, I have just started with NetData, I loved it so much!

  • Staff

    nice puppy 🙂

  • Staff

    Thank you @nocera!

    Well, for starters we would love to have a new section about Netdata cloud and create a section about “latest release”, where we have information about our latest release. What do you think of these?

  • That’d be nice!

  • Staff

    That’s awesome! As we have underlined, due to Wikipedia policy, we can’t engage actively in this, so please do start whenever you want and if you want any clarification regarding some piece of information, just ping me here and I will respond!

    Thank you so much, you are helping us a lot!


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