No metrics on apps.sockets

  • Hi, I have more than 30 servers running netada, all fully funtional with the same configs.

    But today I found out a cluster of 3 with no metrics on apps.sockets.

    I reinstalled netdata and nothing changed.
    Netdata error logs doenst say anything about apps.sockets, or that something is broke.

    How can I debug this issue?

    Thanks for your atention.

  • Staff

    Hello @Ricardo-Teixeira ,

    I am not sure if you are the same person that creates the issue on github, but I will assume that you are not, and I am copying the answer that I gave there:

    I tested now on my machine and I can see without any problems the sockets, so I have few questions for you:

    1 - Did you upgrade for the latest Netdata version(1.25.0)?
    2 - Did you compile Netdata? Or did you use kickstart to upgrade?
    3 - Which memory mode are you using with these Netdata agents?
    4 - I already had problems with CentOS and SELinux that affects ebpf.plugin. I believe that apps.plugin also could have problems to read /proc depending of how it was configured. Can you see any reference to apps.plugin inside your audit.logs?
    5 - Do you have any information related to apps.plugin inside your error.log?

    I hope with your answers we will be able to fix this problem.

    Best regards!

  • Yes I am.

    1. Yes
    2. KickStart
    3. 2Gb
    4. SELinux is disabled
    5. Yes I have. I will work on them and will give you feedback.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • By the way, it is better to continue here or at github?

  • Staff

    Let’s continue the discussion here, unless we see that it’s a bug, so we create a bug issue on github.

  • Staff

    Thanks Thiago for chiming in!

  • Staff

    Thank you for answers @Ricardo-Teixeira!

    I will create a VM with CentOS 7 to try replicating the problem.

    Now about the Kickstart, I forgot to ask something about it, did you use or

    Best regards!

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