About Announcements and Roadmap

  • One of the first things we want to accomplish here in this category is to improve our process and be more open with our community about where we are taking Netdata next. We want to share as much as possible from our early development efforts for new features and future plans, and invite feedback from everyone interested. That said, while we can provide design mock-ups, screenshots, and descriptions of Netdata features in development, we can in no way guarantee that these will be final.

    In software development, even with open-source projects, features and releases can change right before a release, and features may differ greatly from early mock-ups! So do keep that in mind, as most of what you will see here is likely to change at least somewhat before it is released. Still, we will make a consistent effort to keep these updated, as we rely on your input and ideas to build the best infrastructure monitoring tool out there.

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