Cloud Support for Clusters

  • We are implementing transparent support of streaming child nodes in Netdata Cloud. This will in turn make it much easier to support more complex infrastructures that require a streaming setup, such as clusters. This new feature will also make the current process obsolete, because the user will be no longer required to claim every single streaming child node.
    This means you will be able to set up a complex relationship within monitored nodes on your infrastructure, claim a parent node, and have Netdata Cloud work transparently for all the child nodes. For example, have nodes A,B,C stream metrics to node D; and have nodes D, E, F stream to node G. Claiming node G will allow Netdata Cloud to display metrics from all seven nodes.


  • Hello! First of all thanks for great monitoring service!

    I wanted to know if there any timeline when this cluster feature will be implemented?

  • Staff

    @Rybue , thanks for your question.

    At the moment we have no information on a timeline, but we are preparing a ton of new functionality. Keep an eye 🙃