Did netdata cloud just "clear" for anyone else? (I've got nothing)

  • Hours ago, we still had Netdata cloud, not it’s gone. It’s wanting me to setup a new “space” (as if I just signed onto it).

  • Does it somehow “expire” after some time? I had to “re-sign” in, get the email and make sure to click on it in the “right” browser. Weird. Maybe it was something I did in my browser session?

  • Sessions are email based. Did you use the right email? You can also use the help button in Cloud so you don’t publicly share a particular space name and we can look into it.

  • @zack I have a feeling I confused sessions or something like that. It’s all working again. Probably my fault.

  • Staff

    We’ve seen this happen when people use Google Auth and have a few Google accounts they switch between. Without realizing it, you can end up using the second account, after you’ve created a space etc. with the first. When that happens, the only thing to do right now is to take the first few steps of onboarding, exit it and log out, so you can log in with the proper account. Not sure if that’s your case.

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