Cloud? Was really bad last night, sort of working today.

  • Most things are there today, and no crazy errors clicking into the ones that work.

    But some of my claimed nodes are either “UNREACHABLE” or they are there but the graph areas are blank. They are all update to latest nightly, seem to be identical. In fact some nodes are darn near identical to each other (from same template and CM pattern)… one shows, the other does not (either being “blank” (white) or UNREACHABLE).

    What am I missing? Going directly to those nodes works fine. Just no cloud.

    See unreachable and blank cases below:


  • Should be related to the error I’m seeing in the logs of one affected node:

    2020-08-14 06:36:32: netdata INFO  : ACLK_Main : Attempting to establish the agent cloud link
    2020-08-14 06:36:32: netdata INFO  : ACLK_Main : Retrieving challenge from cloud: 443 /api/v1/auth/node/foo/challenge
    2020-08-14 06:36:32: netdata INFO  : ACLK_Main : aclk_send_https_request GET
    2020-08-14 06:36:52: netdata ERROR : ACLK_Main : Challenge failed:  (errno 115, Operation now in progress)
    2020-08-14 06:36:52: netdata INFO  : ACLK_Main : Retrying to establish the ACLK connection in 1024.000 seconds

  • As per we determined there were some issues that were resolved around that time.

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