Add metrics (network usage() to container (docker) through cgroups.plugin?

I have recently installed the latest netdata docker container on a linux server and its working well.
I am running a few containers on it which are picked up automatically. I can view each one but the dashboard only shows the cpu and mem for each docker container.

Ive gone through the docs , but I cant see how to extend the cgroups plugin/config to add in networking for each docker app.

What I am looking to do is get the total send/receive per container similar to what is shown on a per network interface, so I can determine what share of network is being consumed by each container. Is this possible? is it just a config change or is there a reason why this dimension is not automatically added to each chart per container?

Hi, @jnz. Check Docker container network interfaces monitoring

thanks @ilyam8. That did the trick. I can now see network traffic for containers running in bridge mode. :+1: