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If you are encountering a problem or you have a question about Netdata Agent and Netdata Cloud, this is the place to discuss it. Please select the appropriate subcategory: Agent or Cloud.

Netdata Agent Development & Integrations

Discussions about the development of the open-source Netdata Agent and its integrations with other data sources of export destinations.

Monitoring & Troubleshooting with Netdata

This is the place to discuss how you use Netdata Agent and Netdata Cloud to monitor your systems. Share best practices or ask your questions on how to better leverage the features of Netdata.


This is the space where Netdata developers and users come together to share knowledge on alarms and discuss troubleshooting best practices as a community. Whether you have an alarm explanation or are looking for one, feel free to join our solution seeking conversation.

Feature Requests

This is the moment for you to shine. Suggest a feature, get other community users to vote on it and you just might see it implemented by the Netdata team or even by other fellow contributors (if it has to do with the open-source Netdata Agent). Make sure you choose the correct sub-category!

Announcements and Roadmap

A section for important announcements regarding our products and Netdata as a company. Furthermore, we invite you to view and comment on our public Roadmaps of Netdata Agent and Netdata Cloud.

Community Guides

This is the category for you, the community ! The Community Guides section is a place to share guides/tutorials with our community. Every topic in this section works like a Wiki and can be edited and improved by anybody.

Netdata content

This section is being kept up-to-date with our blog. Here you can comment on our blog posts, youtube videos, and the guides that we create. Furthermore, this is the place to discuss about our documentation .
If you read something useful, make sure you cast your vote!


A meta-section used to discuss anything related to the Netdata Community. From suggestions for the Community Forums to changing our GitHub Issues template or announcing Community AMA, everything is fair game .

Sysadmin getaway

A section for fun, music, interesting articles, or really anything under the sun. Simply follow our Code of Conduct, avoid overly controversial topics (politics, religion, etc.) and the admin’s banhammer will be merciful.

Netdata Agent package maintainers

This section is only visible to maintainers and it’s used to discuss issues about the binary packages of Netdata in various Linux Distributions. An open channel between maintainers and Netdata engineers.


Frequently Asked Questions about Netdata as a company and our flagship products: Netdata Agent and Netdata Cloud. If you have found something interesting, please create a new FAQ topic following the format of the rest of the FAQs.