Truncated graphs

I’m having an issue with graphs being truncated on one particular machine. The machine with the issue is running ProxMox and NetData is installed on the primary node. I have two machines that are basically the same hardware, software, etc. But only one of the machines is displaying the problem.

The data being truncated is the last two (2) minutes of data and impacts the tail end of ALL graphs for that machine. It also truncates the last two minutes on the Nodes display on my cloud instance.

I thought that I could just uninstall/reinstall, but NetData is still very early in life, so determining the root cause may be more important. I’m also not familiar with what /var areas are safe to clear without corrupting the whole instance.

This has been going on for a while and has survived many nightly updates.

Could you check if the clocks on your machines are all synced? there is no discrepancy between them?

There is a difference in time between the two. Now I need to determine why. I suspect that this may be an issue between chrony and NTP. NTP is on the router in BSD land. I may need to downgrade Debian to NTP to fix this.