Uptime graph (Netdata Cloud)


Hi, my system uptime (from local web)

And Netdata Cloud

Why such a strange graph? Timezone UTC+7 both.


Netdata agent 1.32.1-96-nightly
Brave 1.34.80

What I expected to happen

Same charts.

Hi @br0m ,

Thanks for reporting us this issue. There a is an open bug where we it was identified that the timezone offsets are mistakenly being applied on uptime values (Y-axis).

This bug is being worked on and we hope to release a fix soon. In case you want to follow, this is the issue [BUG] system.uptime value depends on selected timezone #221.


Hi @br0m,

Just to let you know that the fix for the above mentioned but has been released today.

Please let us know when if you still have an issue from your end.