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Disk and Container showing on localhost but not on

Hi there,

does anyone know what it could be that the graphs for disks and containers are showing on the local dashboard but not on the cloud one?


Seems to work now. thank you.

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Seems like the nightly agent version (v1.25.0-115-nightly) fixes this. @Slind14 could you perhaps try with this agent version?

@OdysLam yes, there is active development on this one. Seems directly related to:


Are you keeping an eye on the github issue to circle back here? If you can, post the github link so each easier for us to retrieve it!

thank you

@Slind14 if it’s the same issue, my best guess is within next week. I 'll post here when we ship this fix.

@Kostas-Kaskavelis this sounds like it. There are a few more sub sections where it isn’t loading.

Is there a rough ETA, so I know when to check back?

We are currently working on a bug that prevents all graphs from being shown in the cloud in some cases, even though they are shown on local dashboard. Are you experiencing a problem only on these graphs?
We 'll certainly take a look on this. In the meantime, a workaround that should normally work, is either a restart of the netdata service on the node itself (service netdata restart) or a node reboot.