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Docker containers visible in agent web UI but not netdata cloud

When I view the netdata agent web UI, I see the docker containers listed on the right, but when I use the netdata cloud UI, it does not show there. How do I get the same data visible in the cloud war room?

Do you see them in cloud if you go to the node list and into the individual node?

I think I had a similar issue whereby some of my menus were not showing up the the room overview screen but we’re visible (as on agent dashboard) when I went into the node on cloud via the node list.

Eg I am wondering if you having same issue as me here [BUG] chart families not showing properly in overview screen · Issue #49 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub

In the “Overview” screen, you only have a “cgroups” menu, which aggregates cpu/mem/network stats across all containers.
You can see individual container charts in the single node view (accessed either by clicking on the number of charts or number of nodes on top of the aggregate charts and selecting the one you want to navigate to, or by going to the “Nodes” view first).