Proxmox - Netdata Cloud doesn't show VMs or containers, but the local instance of Netdata does


Just installed Netdata on a Proxmox host via the install script on the Netdata Cloud website. The Proxmox host has 2 virtual machines and an LXC container running. They show up in the local Netdata instance, yet I cannot see them anywhere in Netdata Cloud. If I turn the container on/off, I can see it disappear/reappear from the local Netdata instance, so the local Netdata instance is clearly seeing my vms/containers in real-time. Netdata Cloud just isn’t showing 'em, but it is showing a “cgroups” heading that’s not showing on the local Netdata instance. I really don’t know what to do with that.

All Netdata settings are default.

Is there some kind of setting that dictates what data is actually sent to Netdata Cloud? Or am I just blind, and the vm/container info is displayed in an entirely different place in Netdata Cloud vs the local install?

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

Verified cloud connectivity. The local instance says it’s connected to cloud, and the data that’s actually syncing all appears normally.

Restarted netdata and checked error log…didn’t see anything to help point me in a specific direction.

Followed Need some help with cgroups configuration for qemu VMs - #19 by ilyam8 up til the point of adding netdata user to www-data, since I wasn’t getting any permission errors prior to that.

I found Need some help with cgroups configuration for qemu VMs - #3 by vlvkobal, tried messing with the suggestions there, and no change.

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

Proxmox host: Debian 11.6 - 5.13.19-2-pve
Host is mostly up to date, aside from a few minor packages.

Netdata: v1.38.0-71-g9890072cc

Browser: Chrome 109.0.5414.120

What I expected to happen

I expected the same functioning locally installed Netdata, but in the cloud :confused:

Hi, @vh98w324 :wave:

Cgroups are not missing, but the presentation is different. Instead of a section for each cgroup (local dashboard) there is one section (Cloud UI) - all cgroups metrics are aggregated and you see the total cpu/mem/etc usage across all your cgroups.

Change “group by” to “instance” if you want to see the metrics for each group. It will still be one chart, but with a dimension per container/virtual machine.

Thank you for the response.

Am I able to configure this so that Netdata Cloud presents the same way as locally? Or, if that’s not possible, how can I quickly and easily look at all the stats for just one container/VM in Netdata Cloud?

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See Docker containers running on EC2 not visible in cloud

If I’m understanding your reply correctly, this is just how Netdata Cloud is, at least for the time being.

In the post you linked, there’s a link to a github convo where the last post is discussing updating the labelling of cgroups so it’s more obvious that’s where vm/container stats are.

That’s good and all, but kinda seems like something is being overlooked. It’s much easier to just bookmark all my local Netdata installs in Netdata Cloud and click the specific vm/container and view the specific vm/container stats that way.

How many clicks would I need to view the same data in the same way, in Netdata Cloud? A lot more than a couple…

How many clicks would I need to view the same data in the same way, in Netdata Cloud? A lot more than a couple…

I agree with that. But keep in mind that we understand the problem and the UI will be improved.

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I’ve also arrived here looking for the exact same answer. I can see each container activity automatically locally but not on the cloud interface.
I am trying to avoid installing netdata en each container so receiving as much information as possible from the host to detect activity is a must for us.