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Best way to setup netdata in a proxmox host with some lxc containers?

I have a physical debian box with proxmox and some lxc containers for nextclaud. iredmail , git and some Websites.
I isntalled netdata on all nodes and use the netdata cloud. All is fine so far.

But if there occurs for example a problem with one of the physical disks i get alarms from every lxc container.

I assume that I have to cofigure them all to suppress the helthchecks in which I am not interested or is ethe a better way ?`

Related or not : in netdata cloud all nodes, even the lxc containers show in thei ‘Node Information’ ‘Bare Metal’ which is for the lxc containers wrong.


During the migration, I uncovered this little feedback gem @Manos_Saratsis. The LXC containers show as bare metal on the cloud.

Thanks, @OdysLam. I can think of a reason why this doesn’t work, but we are going to look at it.

The cloud uses the information that the agent provides regarding virtualization.

It would be useful to know what the agent returns in http://localhost:19999/api/v1/info response. In particular these fields:

	"virtualization": "hypervisor",
	"virt_detection": "/proc/cpuinfo",
	"container": "docker",
	"container_detection": "dockerenv",

(In my example it has detected)

The space name or agent claim id would be useful in the investigation as well.