Group Docker containers in menu


My host runs a large number docker containers (>50). Netdata automatically picks them up (which is awesome) but clutters the right-hand menu with a top-level node for each container (not so awesome). Is there a way how all those nodes can be grouped under a single top-level node, say, “Docker Containers”?

I took a look at the underlying JS but couldn’t find a simple way to do this. Any thoughts/ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @tlangner ,

Welcome to Netdata forum and sharing your feedback/issue with us.

Wanted to double check, you’re raising this from a Netdata Cloud perspective or local Agent dashboard?
For Netdata Cloud we have a ticket that will help on this issue In-section filter for sections where multiple families and instances exist · Issue #295 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub

At the local Agent dashboard we don’t have anything on our backlog at the moment.
Not sure if this helps, our dashboard menu is built here - dashboard/dashboard_info.js at master · netdata/dashboard · GitHub


Hey @hugo ,

Thanks for your reply. My question was for the local agent dashboard. I already had a look at the code that renders the dashboard but I didn’t find an easy way to get what I want. However, I’d expect most folks that use Netdata for monitoring docker to prefer a top-level node Docker under which all the containers are listed, so I’m wondering whether this would make sense to fix upstream as opposed to me fixing it locally.



Hey @tlanger,

Thank you for clarifying that.

We have a ticket to do something in the lines of that (a bit more broader) on Netdata Cloud - Dashboard menu (table of contents) could be built using the context · Issue #354 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub.

Once this is available on Netdata Cloud we will see what can apply and/or be used on the Netdata Agent.
Still, in case you want to open a PR on the Netdata Agent dashboard you can do it and someone from the team will review it.

Hope this helps.