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Containerized Netdata agent update and node claiming

Hi all,

I’m an happy user of netdata cloud app. all my nodes have a netdata agent installed, using a slightly customized docker image, based on the official netdata agent image.

my question is about netdata agent image update and node claiming: each time i update the netdata agent image, and restart my containers i have to re-claim the nodes (and delete the old nodes from netdata cloud app).

is there a way (may be some volume to be persisted ?) to make it not necessary to claim a node after the agent image update ?

thanks a lot for your help,



Hey @joel, you might find this interesting. Perhaps a small tip addition to the claiming docs?

it works perfectly ! i can now docker-compose down / up without loosing my nodes in netdata cloud.

thanks a lot !

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thanks @rybue and @odyslam for taking the time to help me.
i will use the recommended volume in the documentation then.

thanks a lot,



Thanks @rybue for this. @sgaide, as you can see in our docker documentation, we suggest the user to create a persistent volume for the whole /var/lib/netdata directory, as it also contains the unique uuid of the node.

If you give us more information on how you deploy the container, we might be able to give you more specific instructions.

Welcome to our forums :slight_smile: and happy monitoring!

Cloud data stored in /var/lib/netdata/cloud.d folder inside container.
I would probably advise to use volume and mount it to /var/lib/netdata path to make it persistent