Netdata cloud: claiming node only works with docker CLI, not with docker-compose

As per title.

I open my netdata instance locally and it shows the usual warning that it’s not connected to ACLK/not claimed.

So I follow the link to set it up from the netdata cloud personal space. I take the docker-compose example including NETDATA_CLAIM_TOKEN and NETDATA_CLAIM_URL with their respective values.

Paste into my docker-compose file, stop the running container, remove it (docker-compose stop netdata && docker-compose rm netdata). Then docker-compose up -d again.

When I load the dashboard again, still the same warning. Not linked.

However, if I kill the container, and then from the previous setup wizard copy the docker CLI example and just paste and run it from my home server shell, it works.

I fail to understand why it should be any different.

tokens are the same, URL the same. Everything comes from the netdata examples, I don’t get it.