Netdata cloud changed and I cannot add nodes anymore :(

I’ve been using Netdata & Netdata cloud for ages.
Today I tried to re-add a node using docker, so I was looking for the NETDATA_CLAIM_TOKEN, but it’s not anymore where it used to be. I’ve re-read all the docs but they all refer to the old way I’m used to and doesn’t match the service online.
The only thing I’ve found at the top left is a new “Connect nodes” with ADMIN and a lock icon, but no documentation about it.

Can you help me???

Thanks in advance


Hi @Greg_R ! Welcome!

Was that space created by you ? Maybe with a different username ? Is there another user using the space ?

OK I found the problem: I was using another G. account and I had to give it “admin” status.

Thanks for your reply. Yes it was created by me but with another G. account (for historical reasons), probably at a time where there was no difference between users.