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Is the token for claiming new nodes different each time?

Hi guys,

I’m interested in using but I’d like to automate the claiming / unclaiming of new nodes using my automation tools.

Does the token for claiming nodes always stays the same, or is a unique token is generated each time? Is there some form of static auth key that can be generated? And is there a bash command for unclaiming / removing a node?

Also, are there any plans for a REST API to allow us to do things like this programatically?



@binaryfire thank you for using Netdata Cloud. We understand your needs but an API is not prioritized for now, for sure it will come at a later stage.

Soon you will be able to install and claim an agent to a Space at a single step. The claiming token does not expire. Therefore it’s safe to use it with your automation.

Unclaiming is not there yet, you will have to wait a couple of months. In the meanwhile Agent claiming · Netdata Agent | Learn Netdata

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@Manos_Saratsis Sounds good Manos, thanks! Look forward to the upcoming updates and using Netdata Cloud.

@Manos_Saratsis Hey Manos, is there a developer mailing list? It would be great to have a way of being notified when new features (like unclaiming) are available.


@binaryfire thank you for your interest! You can sign up to Cloud and get the latest news.

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