How to do automated claiming


I’ve created an Ansible role to deploy Netdata and claim the node in the Cloud, but after some short period of time the claim token times out. We destroy almost half of our dev/staging machines every night at 2am, rebuilding from a base OS image and configuring with Ansible.

At the moment it looks like for this to work, I would need to wake up shortly before the infrastructure respins, login to Netdata Cloud, get a new claim token, and push it into our secrets vault.

Is there some other way to use Netdata Cloud with configuration management tools?


What I expected to happen

Hi @Sean_Reifschneider welcome!

I’m not 100% sure on this myself but will try find who might be able to help.

“claim token times out” ← i don’t think this should happen as i think the token should be long lived. For example i’m using the same claim token in a helm script we use for some internal systems that has not changed in a long time.

I’ll ask someone more familiar with how the claim process works in the backend to jump on and help us. Can you share any more examples like specific errors and screenshots if you have any in the meantime.

also in the meantime looks like this is very related and may have some more info: Automate Netdata Cloud node claim on instance deploy