Netdata Cloud suddenly stops displaying data for a node, agent still showing as "Live"

I was looking at my dashboard when it suddenly stopped displaying data. The agent is running on the device and Netdata Cloud shows the device as Live.

Any ideas how to narrow down the cause?

Hi @mx2k

A couple of things to check. http://localhost:19999/api/v1/aclk should show some info regarding the connection to the cloud. We assume it’s ok, but let’s check.

Next, error.log and/or access.log should also contain some information regarding the situation. access.log should list incoming requests from cloud to display data.

Btw, is the clock on the node ok?

Where can I find the mentioned log files? On my RasPi, netdata config and logs are not in /etc/netdata as the manual suggests.

By monitoring the runtime of the agent with sysctl service status netdata I noticed it was restarting the agent every few minutes (for about an hour the agent ran for 2-10 min, then restarted). That only occured yesterday, today everything works fine as if the issue had never happened.

(Clock is properly synced with

They should be under /opt/netdata/var/log/netdata/

If you want, you can send them to to take a look!