error for all graphs on cloud

I got error for all graphs on netdata cloud. From netdata cloud, it was reported that agents is still connecting to clould , but it doesn’t display any metric on graphs.
I’ve checked on dashboard local for netdata agent , and I can see metrics displayed for each of graph.
I’ve tried to curl from the agent host to netdata’s IP (like this: and I got connected to netdata cloud → it means there was no block traffic from agent host to netdata clould.
So someone can help ?
and How can I enable debug log on netdata agent ?


Hi @Ngoc_Nguyen !

A few things we can check.

First of all, what version of the agent are you running? (You can check by doing a netdata -W buildinfo on the host).

There is an error.log that should provide some info on the status of the agent, typically under /var/log/netdata/.

Also, through the agent’s dashboard, you can access: http://localhost:19999/api/v1/aclk this should also contain some information.

If you want, you can send the error.log and the above output to and we’ll check.



Can you please check if the issue has been resolved?

Hi @Manolis_Vasilakis ,
The issue has been resolved .
Thanks for your help !!!