Child connection is working but charts are empty

Gday everyone,

It seems that somehow some of my child connection is broken. While I cannot see any issue with logs within child, Parent Netdata is empty. If I choose to display different date/time then charts are updated with older data. But there today data everything is empty. I have issue with 2 of my servers.

I changed my Child a few items within netdata.conf and after a while data replicated to my main parent, I dont know why

I changed mode = none


        mode = dbengine
        dbengine page cache size MB = 32
        dbengine disk space MB = 256

But the gap is big :frowning: I will try the same also with my other Child and see if this fixing the issue.

I confirm that after performing the same edits at netdata.conf also to other child, the issue was fixed.

thanks @pgro - sorry for the delay and thanks for updating - have you been seeing this at all since?

Hi @andrewm4894

Yes solved, I had to enable dbengine to both clients so that charts synched to parent too.